OUR INDUSTRIAL TENTS ARE SELF-ELEVATING. See the self-elevating system

Do you need to cover an area quickly and cheaply?

Do you need a temporary construction?

Would you like your industrial tent to be modular?

Would you like a high quality industrial tent which lasts for years?

Look no further than ILMA’s self-elevating industrial tents

Our industrial tents are mobile and, in addition, do not require foundation structures

Ilma is a market leader in the production and sale of self-elevating industrial tents, grandstands and stages, both in Italy and abroad.  An important feature of all our equipment is speedy assembly and disassembly, due to the small number of components and connection systems which interlock rapidly.  All our structures are prefabricated and modular, made of galvanized steel or aluminium and, if necessary, can be expanded over wider areas.
We have developed a wide range of coverings for logistical events, fairs and festivals.  In addition we are a market leader in the field of grandstands and stages.

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The success of Ilma’s constructions lies in their quick, easy assembly.

In the sports sector, we are a market leader in the field of grandstands and stages.

Are you looking for a sturdy, comfortable prefabricated grandstand at an unbeatable price?

Would you like a great assortment of grandstands and stages to choose from?

Do you want to be sure that the constructions meet all current regulations and laws?

Do you want a stage which, as well as being high-impact, is easy to assemble?


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INDUSTRIAL TENTS: galvanised steel or aluminium

Ilma’s metal industrial tents are made from both galvanised steel and aluminium.  They are characterized by their quick, easy assembly and their manageability.
Ilma’s industrial tents have a self-elevating cover which is assembled on the ground and then raised using a special mechanism inserted into the pillars.  The use of lifting equipment such as cranes, ladders, lifting trucks etc. is therefore avoided, and there is no need for a specialized workforce. Workers can operate in complete safety at ground level.  All of Ilma’s industrial tents and other constructions are modular, can be extended in all directions, and are equipped with accessories which can easily be purchased years later.

Steel and aluminium modular STAGES, extendable in all directions and easily assembled.

Ilma stages are a product of 40 years’ experience in the field of modular constructions.  Ilma stages combine an elegant, understated design with robustness and manageability during assembly and disassembly.
Ilma stages do not require a specialized workforce for assembly and lifting equipment, such as cranes and ladders, is not required.
Stages, like all Ilma constructions, are modular and extendable in all directions.  In addition, they are equipped with accessories which can easily be purchased years later.  The stages are excellent for concerts.

GRANDSTANDS.  A wide range of grandstands which couple understated design with robustness and stability.

The entire range of Ilma galvanised steel grandstands features sturdy, stable prefabricated constructions which can be extended in all directions.  Ilma grandstands comply with all laws relating to safety and are designed and manufactured according to technical regulations and applicable laws, including that regarding first category seismic action.
There are various types of grandstand available according to the needs of the customer: grandstands with an aisle, indoor grandstands for gyms and swimming pools and grandstands made of aluminium.  All Ilma grandstands can be equipped with covers, even some time later.
The grandstands are built according to the criteria of UNI EN 13200 and UNI 9217 to guarantee optimum visibility for spectators.

TENSOSTRUCTURES: coverings to meet every need.

We offer all types of covering for every need.  The range of Ilma tents is able to meet all requirements since covers come in a variety of shapes – the classic 4-panelled pagoda, cone, saddle and sail.
In this section both tensostructures and tents are featured in order to fully meet all customers’ needs.

FLOORS: Prefabricated flooring and dance floors.

Like all Ilma constructions, the prefabricated floors and dance floors have been planned and manufactured for non-specialised users, for temporary use and therefore with frequent assembly and disassembly of equipment.
The floors are modular in all directions and can be used both inside and outside industrial tents.
In over 40 years of business we have coupled light, manageable components, for quick and easy assembly, with robustness, ensuring durability over the years.

ACCESSORIES: lighting, tables chairs, doors

In addition to grandstands, gazebos, stages and our wide range of tents and industrial tents, we provide a full range of light construction equipment for exhibitions, festivals and fairs.
Ilma is your ideal partner – our wide product range, punctuality and precision make us the first choice for technical solutions for all your events.